influence the direction into CNC motion

  • conoscenza

    conoscenza - 2012-10-31

    Hi guys!
    I'm doing a project where 5 module axes, 0-360, and they are moved with CNC motion.
    I use:
    smc_smoothpath -> smc_extendedcheckvelocity -> smc_checkvelocities -> smc_interpolator and then smc_controlaxisbypos.

    But I have a little question: can I set the direction of the axes in positive value?
    If I set the movement from 350 to 5, it does a backwards movement, instead I would a forward movement.

    Can anyone help me?


  • eschwellinger

    eschwellinger - 2012-11-01

    The user can specify a period for the axes A, B, C, P, Q, U, V and W by setting the word PA, PB, PC and so on. By default these are 0, which means: finite and not modulo.
    e.g. N0 PA360 (this means that A has a period of 360 degree).
    Then, the decoder will modify ist behaviour in the way, that the additional axes always travel tot he nearest point. E.g:
    N0 PA360
    N0 G92 A270 (set the position of A axis to 270)
    N0 G1 A0
    This will move the axis in positive direction.

    The position output of the ipo is not in the interval [0..Periodlimit], but can be outside of it. However, the FBs like SMC_ControlAxisByPos will take care of making the modulo.


  • conoscenza

    conoscenza - 2012-11-01

    Thank you so much Edwin for your answer!

    Anyway I don't use decoder but the other way "OutQueue".

    Is it possbile to modify the direction from "shortest" to "positive" directly?

    Thank you in advance.


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