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Connect opc client to external opc ua simulation server through opc ua

  • weii

    weii - 2021-09-15

    I want to creat opc client in codesys and let it through opc ua
    link external OPC UA Simulation Server.

    I want my opc client link to OPC UA Simulation Server.Like the program on the picture.
    for example:

  • Ulvis

    Ulvis - 2021-09-15

    That should be straight forward using the Codesys OPC UA client. Sample here: https://store.codesys.com/en/opc-ua-client-example.html
    BUT, it requires that the device you are working with has a Runtime core that includes the "CmpOPCUAClient" component. This will be different from one hardware manufacturer to another.
    What device/controller/system are you working with?

    • weii

      weii - 2021-09-15

      My goal is to connect the codesys client to matlab in real time through prosys opc ua simulation.
      Only software, no hardware part.

      system: CODESYS/Prosys OPC UA Simulation Server/ Matlab

    • weii

      weii - 2021-09-15

      I can't doemload and run Example.

  • eschwellinger

    eschwellinger - 2021-09-15

    I would just do the client - by setting it up in the device tree ( this example was need to do everything in IEC code - as this new easy way to use have not been ready developped) - would say this example should not be needed anymore - at least only for special cases

    • weii

      weii - 2021-09-15

      I try.


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