Firmware upgrade

  • Ulvis

    Ulvis - 2019-12-10

    I want to upgrade a Saia PCD3.M6893 because online dialogue complains about different target device.
    However the upgrade process also reports something along the same lines;

    (Pic here: )
    Is this a "Catch 22"?
    Where do I find the 'dummies guide' for fw updating? Online Help does not mention 'firmware upgrade' as far I could find in a second or two...

    IMG: Bild

  • i-campbell

    i-campbell - 2019-12-10

    The firmware update procedures are different between the vendors.
    I think your screenshot shows that the firmware file is actually for a different device, not a different firmware level of the same device.
    So: you can either:
    find the correct hardware for your project, or
    change your project to match the hardware you have I front of you.
    For option 2, you will have to find the correct Device Description File for the hardware you have Infront of you. (Perhaps it is installed already via tools > Device Manager).
    Once installed, open your project again, right click on the Device in the Device Tree and choose "Update Device". Browse through to your correct Device and use that one. Obviously different devices have different features, so if you say have less memory or different built in IO, or certain features weren't implemented, your project might not work.

    Let me know what works for you.


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