KNX SL w Codesys 3.5.14 - HOWTO

  • pflot59

    pflot59 - 2019-01-16


    I would need some help to use the KNX SL feature on a Raspberry Pi 3B+.
    License of CODESYS Control for Raspberry Pi SL and CODESYS KNX SL was installed on a CODESYS Runtime Key.
    I’m on : Raspberry Pi 3B+ with Codesys
    ETS 5.6.6 (Build 1190) with DCACodeSys installed.

    Do you have an example of a project using CODESYS KNX? (Codesys Project + ETS Project)

    For the moment, even with the installation of DCACodesys, I don't understand how to add a Codesys Device in my ETS project, do not I need a KNXProd file to be able to add the device to my catalog.
    Would not it be necessary to import a KNXProd file to my catalog ?

    In ETS, I can see a Line "3S-Smart Software Solutions GmbH" in the Online Catalog Settings Tabs.
    But in the Catalogs Tabs, there is nothing ?

    Next In codesys how can I use KNX ?


    IMG: ETS

    IMG: ETS

  • pflot59

    pflot59 - 2019-01-18

    Thanks for your link even if it's in german

    I notice there are some diff between Codesys 3.5.13 and 3.5.14.

    In the KNX device tab, I can't see the General Tabs in Codesys 3.5.14 , instead of the Gneral Tab, there is a KNX Parameters Tab instead.
    So how do you create a point?

    See my file capture.

    For the moment I switch to Codesys 3.5.13 and It's OK.

    The process for using the KNX is similar to that used by wago and their terminal 753-643

    On the other hand I find the process of "download Application" in ETS extremely long.
    I hope you could improve this.

    IMG: KNX3.5.14.jpg

    IMG: KNX3.5.13.jpg


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