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  • avenue68

    avenue68 - 2020-08-11


    I'm a Japanese young engineer who's started learning CODESYS thesedays.
    I wanna know how prevalent OOP with PLC is in the world.
    Actually, it's still common to only use ladder logic with (and a little bit ST and FB provided vendors) without OOP in Japan.
    I'm expecting and hoping that OOP with PLC will get prevalent also in Japan and that's why I started learning CODESYS.

    In your country, how prevalent is OOP? And is the PLCs other than CODESYS equipped with OOP fanction?
    I'm wondering if my choice of the way to learning OOP with PLC is right.

    And I'm reading "PLCopen Software Creation Guidelines:Creating PLCopen Compliant Libraries".
    I feel the Architecture in CODESYS libraries are a little more complex than the Guidlines, for example "Common Behavior Models".
    In CODESYS Library, CBM is fllowed by a lot of Methods and Properties and I'm struggling to learn them.
    How do you think that we need to implement these methods when creating FBs.

    I'm happy if I could hear many thoughts from foreign engineers with advanced technology.

    Best Regards.

  • aliazzz

    aliazzz - 2020-08-11

    Learning OOP is always good!
    Slowly the entire industry is shifting towards using a combination of Procedural / OOP style code. This going on since 2012 or so. Mostly usage is a matter of being used to it or "we have always done it like this, why would we change that?".

    A good shift in reasoning would be to ask yourself "what is in it for us/me?".

    Using OOP will help you in avoid writing duplicate code in a structured manner, so costs and readability/maintainability will benefit from using OOP in a good way.

    Now this is where CODESYS V3 is very strong, you can mix procedural with OOP, so for the maintenance man you can do the IO in Ladder (or any other visual language) but any higher decision code can be written in ST with or even without OOP.



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    • avenue68

      avenue68 - 2020-08-12

      Thank you for your reply aliazzz!
      Okay, I'll try to keep learning OOP with CODESYS, thank you.

      How do you think about CODESYS's market share?
      I heard Siemence and Rockwell are leading vendors in the world market.
      But in Japan, they are rarely chosen and I don't know whether the market share PLCs with CODESYS are growing or not.

      Do you have any thoughts and feeling about it?

  • aliazzz

    aliazzz - 2020-08-12

    EDIT after remark of E.Kislov (not yet => slowly being)

    Both Siemens and Rockwell are leading vendors in the world market.
    Being a world market leader also means you are less flexible, so it very much depends on how you define "leading". ;-)

    Software design wise they are certainly less leading and more conservative. OOP as defined within in CODESYS as in part of IEC61131-3 third edition norm (2012) is slowly being supported with these vendors. OOP will eventually become available widespread with them, as it is part of the current IEC61131-3 edition 3 norm unless they chose not to comply to this norm.

    PS what brands are usually chosen in Japan?


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    • kislov

      kislov - 2020-08-12

      OOP as defined within in CODESYS as in part of IEC61131-3 third edition norm (2012) is not yet available with these vendors

      It's not quite true, Siemens support OOP - check book "Object-Oriented Programming in SIMOTION"

      • aliazzz

        aliazzz - 2020-08-12

        I am glad to hear that they are beginning to support it!
        Personally, I haven't seen support for PCS7 or TIA portal yet, but it will soon I hope.


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    • avenue68

      avenue68 - 2020-08-13

      Hmm I see.
      Then CODESYS is the first PLC with OOP and it has advantage about OOP, right?

      In Japan, Mitsubishi's PLC is the most popular, and the second, OMRON or KEYENCE.
      But they don't have OOP or even enough IEC61131-3 programming.
      I'm working at kinda advanced software house with industrial software, but its PLC members still only use ladder logic.

      I'm wondering if I should leave it...

  • kislov

    kislov - 2020-08-13

    Mitsubishi Q series support programming in CODESYS.


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