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Raspberry restore license

  • thalesmaoa - 2023-02-04

    Hi there, I've been searching for an answer to my question, but I couldn't find it.

    I've been working with Raspberry systems since 2008. Since that time, it is inevitable to get SD corruption. It mainly occurs due to power surge.

    After many different trials, I found that the best solution to fix it is to keep a spare SD Card which is used to restore the system (which has daily img backups).

    This approach saved me a lot in past!

    Nowadays, I'm heading towards Codesys and Softplc solution. I've bought the license and everything is fine. System is up and running.

    During daily development, I've noticed that license need a backup and can be lost. That worries me a lot.

    Does anyone knows if I simply take the SD card and put into another Raspberry if it will work. Is it binded to the mac? If so, I can force the mac during boot.

    In the field, it is extremely difficult to bring the system back to life, mainly if I need to also try to activate a new license.

  • alrcastro

    alrcastro - 2023-02-04

    Indeed, the license is binded not only to the hardware, but also to the OS itself, as for example, you cannot change the ETH port name nor the Host name itself, which is a problem if you need to update your system in order to comply with changes on your project.

  • h-hermsen

    h-hermsen - 2023-02-05

    An extra idea is to buy a dongle. Though it wont save your SD Card, it keeps your licenses safe and portable. This is a bonus you cannot use right now.


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  • thalesmaoa - 2023-02-05

    I appreciate all your comments and help regarding my question.

    Unfortunately, the team that work with the program is not the same as the maintenance. If the raspberry fails, maintenance is supposed to fire it back. If it needs the license admin, this is indeed a huge problem.

    Regarding the dongle, I was not aware of that possibly. Is it possible to revert my soft licence into a hardware license?

    I'm not complaining. I'm the one that decided to put a RPi to control my industrial plant. But I'm not sure if Codesys Teams ever think of this. I'm prepared to handle the failure. I can train the team to identify and replace the device. I can also have a mirror device just waiting to enter as soon the first one fails. However, I'm not prepared to travel some miles while the plant is not working just to active a license that we've already payed.

    I will perform some tests and let you know tomorrow if that works. I will seach about the dongle as well.


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  • thalesmaoa - 2023-02-05

    I confirm. Cloning the mac is not enough. It is probably bounded to the cpu serial, unfortunately...
    I'm not sure if support team has access to these posts, but I don't feel confident at all after that. I appreciate the help of everyone!

  • eschwellinger

    eschwellinger - 2023-02-06

    you have the following options:
    1. Use the USB KEY (https://store.codesys.com/de/catalogsearch/result/?q=KEY) - probably most convenient
    2. Use the license backupfile to reactivate the softlicense like mentioned in the faq
    3. Use CODESYS Automation Server - no need to travel to the plant - just do it from your office ( reactivation of the softlicense - what ever is needed to do - login by CODESYS - or open the visualization

    Many users have a license on the key if they have several plc's ( in one plant) in case of a problem just plug the key.
    But anyway from my point of view to have the benefit to roll out software updates by the CODESYS Automation Server should be the best choice from my point of view.

  • thalesmaoa - 2023-02-06

    Thanks for pointing the key solution. I will check it.
    I just need to plug it? Nothing else? Is that correct?

  • eschwellinger

    eschwellinger - 2023-02-06

    yes, just activate the license on the key and the Pi which has the usb key plugged is then licensed...

  • thalesmaoa - 2023-02-06

    Can I use the same license that I already activated or I must buy another one?

    • h-hermsen

      h-hermsen - 2023-02-07

      If you are able to restore your current license onto the dongle then you are set. However worst case you buy a new one and park on a dongle.

      1st takeaway is always use either a dongle or the remote licensing possibility from Automation Server.

      Elephant in the room:
      2nd takeaway is you using the pi license in the plant, as stated in the EULA of the Pi specific runtime. The runtime is cheap for a reason as the hardware itself is NOT meant for that environment. Tip: To avoid SD Card corruption use a UPS for the Pi.


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