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  • jan233321

    jan233321 - 2020-10-04

    Hi All,
    any idea how to get return value from the message box which can be very easily added to the visualization?
    Would be nice to have a possibility to easily add bool variable linked with an button...

    All examples I found were unnecessary difficult (yes, I downloaded the examples, but nowhere is it easy like this) - just need to know the return value and missing the way how to get it.

    Thanks a lot!



  • jan233321

    jan233321 - 2020-10-04

    yes, I've seen it and, well, when this seems to be the only way, than I'll use it. In the end it is easy... but how the person in the link found what to call and all the staff around is quite mystery to me πŸ˜„

    Additional question - is it possible to use UTF-8 strings as input to the message box? Seems to be STRING based (I'd expect WSTRING) and it is causing me problems with non-ascii charset.


  • kislov

    kislov - 2020-10-05

    Check ...\CODESYS\Projects\Visu\Dialogs\VisuDialogs.library
    You can edit library and change STRING to WSTRING.
    By the way, WSTRING is not UTF-8, it's UCS-2 (kind of UTF-16).


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