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No online change possible

  • alexgooi - 2023-01-12

    Dear forum,

    I'm currently running into a problem where I’m not able to do an online change in the controller.

    The IDE states that the code position is an getter(property) from an interface.
    I have found the following post online.

    In this post the solution is to set a different priority for each task. I have tried this but this doesn't seem to solve the problem.

    Also setting a longer cycle time doesn't solve the problem.

    How can I solve this problem

    Thanks in advance


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  • jickisticki - 2023-03-10

    One potential solution would be to wrap the variable you are trying to modify in a control block (such as a switch or if statement). This way, depending on the conditions, you can prevent the property from changing while other tasks are being processed.
    You may also want to consider increasing the operating system priority of the task you wish to change the property with to ensure it always runs MLSDev https://mlsdev.com.
    Finally, you could try adding additional memory protection to the controller and add a reset point so that the program can be restarted when the change is attempted.
    I hope this helps. Programming, web design, mobile apps, data science, software engineering, analytics, IT consulting.


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