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Library download server and library update

5 days ago
5 days ago
  • Ekristoffe

    Ekristoffe - 5 days ago

    Hello all,
    - I would like to try to create a private library download server on a local network.
    I think if I have a library "MyLibrary" of version and the company name is "MyCompany".
    You need a HTTPs server with a valid certificate with a tree like this


    each index contain the current folder list without the index itself.

    - Why can't we try the system with only HTTP instead of HTTPs ?
    For local use it could be nice (for example limit HTTP to local IP address only).

    - Also is there a system where the library manager check online if a newer version of a library exist
    Even if we need an input from someone, like click on a button, it would be a nice idea.



    Last edit: Ekristoffe 5 days ago
  • aliazzz

    aliazzz - 5 days ago


    I'd thought I mention this. AFAIK this (1,2,3) is technically all possible, however when I did my inquires for the same topic some 2 years ago, I got told that such features are only available for larger OEM manufacturers with a special access account.



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