mauda - 2021-03-19

Dear Community,

I am currently working on a test project with the Codesys OPC UA PubSub library.
The test project includes Raspberry Pi computers as hardware components and the Codesys Runtime as software components.

For the setup of the test project I used the official example of the Codesys OPC UA PubSub library.
Unfortunately, I am still having trouble with the configuration of the Connenction Blocks.
During the program execution on the Raspberry Pi I get an configuration error displayed.
Please see attached the configuration data of the Connection Blocks for Publisher (Raspberry Pi 1) and Subscriber (Raspberry Pi 2):

  • Publisher, Raspberry Pi 1 (static IPv4 adress, should send messages via OPC UA PubSub)
  • Subscriber, Raspberry Pi 2 (static IPv4 adress, should receive messages via OPC UA PubSub)
  • Configuration of the Global Variable List "GlobalIp"

Is there anyone in the forum who can help me with the correct configuration of the connection blocks?

Thank you in advance !

Kind regards



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