Data exchange between Twicat controller and Codesys based Controller

  • StoeberAs

    StoeberAs - 2020-02-19

    hello everyone
    i want to transfer and receive the data from Beckhoff controller to Codesys supported controller.In codesys there is possibility to read and write the values through network variable through UDP communication, when both the controller are on the codesys platform.In twincat there is no such functionality of inserting network variable as an object. Is there any other way where i can transfer the data between Twincat<-->Codesys controllers?

  • RolandWagner

    RolandWagner - 2020-03-03

    Without knowing the Beckhoff controllers and their details I could assume that PROFINET communication could work, e.g. configuring a PROFINET controller on one device and a PROFINET device on the other in order to exchange the data. Of course the CODESYS controller has to support PROFINET, however, all the CODESYS SoftPLCs in the CODESYS Store with the extension SL do support PROFINET.


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