CIA 402 - SYNC Signal

  • Anonymous - 2016-05-27

    Originally created by: gnom4

    When I try to Power On an ethercat servo from operational state I get an error - drive sync signal received too early - from the drive...

    What can be the reason and a possible solution?

    SYNC time is set at 3ms.

    PLC on Codesys (in I have the same behavior) - Delta ASDA A2-E Drive

    PS. The drive powers up in free(no sync) mode but it behaves strangely - when issued an absolute position it goes to some position and then goes back to the position that it was before the move started(at lower speeds) or after few turns it gives me a deviation error (at higher movement speeds)

  • JamesPeng-TW

    JamesPeng-TW - 2018-06-29


    We also got the same error. Did you have solution for it? Any comment would be appreciate.



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