• smb2700

    smb2700 - 2018-06-30

    I have a problem with the use of a new servomotor and drive, with a 20 bit encoder if I try to move the motor with MC_MoveRelative I have the following error: SMC_ERROR.SMC_DI_HWLIMITS_EXCEEDED.
    I try to check on the help but is missing.
    With other drive + servos I do not have these problems.

    Currently I installed:
    - CODESYS V3.5 SP12 Patch 1
    - CODESYS SoftMotion
    - CODESYS Control for BeagleBone SL

    Attached the image with the error.
    How can I solve the problem ??
    Am I wrong or is it a bug?

    Thank you

    IMG: Errore.png

  • alwoso

    alwoso - 2018-07-02

    Hi smb2700!

    Did you check the drive settings? Does the drive itself give a fault message, too?
    If there is no fault on the drive, check the PDO-mapping - maybe there is a mismatch between the drive's mapping and the mapping in your program....

    Good luck!


  • smb2700

    smb2700 - 2018-07-03

    Hi Alfred,
    the problem was in the setting of digital inputs. I remaped inserting them, and this led me to error. Since I have not yet connected my proximity switches to do these tests, I have inverted the status of the inputs on the drive, and it works.


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