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  • elegantr - 2022-09-09

    Hello all,

    G51--> Stars the angle smoothing by means of SMC_SmoothPath doesn't work with values under 1.

    For example,

    G51 D0.1

    Is it wrong syntax or this function only available values >=1?

  • bruno-roth - 2022-09-09

    Hello, The G51 is also working with values < 1 maybe you did not see the effect because of the dimension of your
    geometric. You could direct simulate with the G-Code editor.


    Last edit: bruno-roth 2022-09-09
  • elegantr - 2022-09-12

    I tried it again. G51 actually works with values under <1. I confused because my path acceleration/decelaration parameters are not working if G-code has more than one block.

    For example,

    N10 G91
    N20 G51 D0.1
    N30 G01 X100 Y0 F10 E10 E-10
    N40 G01 X0 Y100
    N50 G01 X-100 Y0
    N60 G01 X0 Y-100
    N70 M30

    D1 smoothing only work once it accelerates on N30 and once its decelerates on N60 blocks. In between them block changes so rapid and cannot see the E10 and E-10 values. If I delete G51 and G50 lines it works smooth.

  • bruno-roth - 2022-09-12

    Hello, I think you have not understood the functionality of smoothpath : it smooth edges and make possible to "move around a corner" without stopping on the edge. In your G-Code you could directly see it when you "anaylze dynamics" of the path. take a look at the screenshots: one with smoothpath and one without.


    Last edit: bruno-roth 2022-09-12

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