Francois77 - 2019-05-16


I'm looking for a precise documentation of the following struct SM3_Baisc.FREE_ENCODER_REF. There's lots of variables but no description. Just things like "Parameter 1040". I've been looking for some standard PLCOpen documentation but without luck.

I've got a Pi connected to a Wago encoder input (750-631) through EtherCat.
I managed to map the diEncoderPosition variable as the documentation says ( ... on=

However, I was wondering how one would check if the encoder had no inconsistencies. Let's say I have a resolution of 5000. I should expect the same number of points for A and B and also a rising edge for every turn on C.

At first, I thought the card would handle that but it turns out it almost works like a fast counter input. So there's no such checks or parameters.

Would anyone have a clue on how to proceed?