gurke258 - 2022-01-26

Good morning,

I have a problem with my Raspberry Pi 4 and Codesys.

I have a Beckhoff coupler EK1914 + EL9410 + EL7047 which I want to address with the Raspberry. This works so far but unfortunately I get problems with the motor. The PDO's are assigned correctly in my opinion, because the terminal already ran in a Beckhoff project with exactly the same motor. Have this also checked again and that fits so far.

But my main problem is that if I want to drive the motor via the "startup", I can start it but can not turn. It is set up as a modulo and if I want to turn from 0 to 360 (clockwise), nothing happens, but if I turn from 0 to 360 (counterclockwise) there is a short clack and the motor continues to turn infinitely at a slow speed without me pressing the arrows.

What can this be?