Function of MC_TouchProbe...

  • JamesPeng-TW

    JamesPeng-TW - 2018-07-17


    I'm currently working in SM3_Basic, and control the axis in CiA402 axis.

    For the FB "MC_TouchProbe", I could only get a single measurement function.
    But most of the modern ethercat servo drive support permanent measurement(usually set Touch Probe Function control word bit 1 := 1) which means execute edge activates function until abortion by MC_AbortTrigger. I have tried to modify the Touch Probe Function control word in the program through direct access the address, but it is not changed. Is there any other way I could do this?
    Any comment/ advice is appreciated and thanks in advance.


  • eschwellinger

    eschwellinger - 2018-07-19

    Hi James,

    hm.. you could remove the Objects from control word /pdo data and use SDO's to start the touchprobing manually.
    Not nice but maybe works..



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