Reset encoder position to zero

  • navalekanishk

    navalekanishk - 2019-09-19

    How to reset the current encoder position of ethercat servo drive to zero?

  • navalekanishk

    navalekanishk - 2019-09-25

    I-Campbell hat geschrieben:
    Checkout this function block, MC_SetPosition: ... on=

    Hey Campbell,

    I tried the function out. When I cycle the power of the system the motors' position is unchanged which was earlier set to '0' by using the MC_Setposition FB as suggested. I kindly request you to please help me out with this.

    PS is there any FB which retains the position to a set value even after the cycle power is done?

    with regards,
    Kanishk Navale

  • drsumruay

    drsumruay - 2019-09-25

    Hi Kanishk,

    Using MC_GroupSetPosition doesn't work because when you power up drive and motor after they're off, Codesys will receive the absolute position from the encoder.
    I think you should find the parameters of your drive that can perform a preset position and then using FB which can force the value of the parameters.

    hope it will be useful for you

    with regards

  • i-campbell

    i-campbell - 2019-09-25

    Hi hi Kanishk,
    Go to and search for "Persisting an Axis Position". Check the first result

  • navalekanishk

    navalekanishk - 2019-10-26

    I-Campbell hat geschrieben:
    Hi hi Kanishk,
    Go to and search for "Persisting an Axis Position". Check the first result

    Hi Campbell,

    I have implemented the logic as per the link. In the attached screenshot, the persistent position data is not able to store the 0 values of the axes when I zero them using Set_Position FB but, still, it is storing the initial values of the motors. How to move forward with this?

    IMG: Screenshot from 2019


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