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Codesys on IOT2050

  • h-hermsen

    h-hermsen - 2022-05-05

    Try using the Vanilla ARM Runtime;
    CODESYS Control for Linux ARM SL


    Last edit: h-hermsen 2022-05-05
  • eschwellinger

    eschwellinger - 2022-05-06

    we use on the 4 core device - Linux Arm 64 and on the 2 Core type of the IOT2050 the Linux Arm SL

    • cliffpenn

      cliffpenn - 2022-05-06

      Hello, thanks for the info. I thought that Linux Arm SL only supported 32-bit processors, but it seems no. I cannot see Linux Arm 64 on the store, I presume we have to contact sales about that.

      Additional questions, if I may?
      - what OS do you use with these solutions?
      - Why do you use Arm SL on one device and Arm 64 SL on the other device?
      - Have you used profinet IO successfully with either (e.g. drives, ET200SP)?

      Thanks in advance!


      Last edit: cliffpenn 2022-05-06
  • eschwellinger

    eschwellinger - 2022-05-07

    there are two version available arm sl / arm 64 sl - license is the same.
    Use the CODESYS installer to install the packages.
    why? It was at that time when I tested it available-
    Siemens Simatic IOT2050 (Quad Core) - 64Bit - 16 GB eMMc - SIEMENS RT_patched 64Bit OS
    Siemens Simatic IOT2050 (Dual Core) - 32Bit Debian - use Image from Siemens Forum

    Ptofinet works with the CODESYS Profinet stack - with ET200SP not tested with drives - guess IRT is missing maybe. ( not verified)


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