Visu_PRG: Successfully Removed Client with IEC-ID: 0

  • ignat

    ignat - 2020-05-22


    I use codesys Control Win
    After 20 minutes running the window with Visualization is closing but plc is still running.
    And it is not possible to start visualization anymore. Only after 'Clean all' procedure.

    How to avoid this and let the visualization running always?

  • ignat

    ignat - 2020-05-22

    I have license dongle. But the runtime version waas updated from 12.7 to 14.4.
    can it influence somehow?
    Do I need to update dongle?

    In the plc log there is no license error actually.

  • ignat

    ignat - 2020-05-22

    this is what I get when trying to restart Control Win manually (see attachment):

  • m.prestel

    m.prestel - 2020-05-25

    If you are running in the demo mode, a watermark in the top right corner should indicate "Demo mode"

    • ignat

      ignat - 2020-05-25

      Yes, but there's no such a mark. The dongle is inserted.


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