Raspberry PI MCP3008Temperature.project missing libraries?

  • bcouture

    bcouture - 2020-04-09

    Hi all,

    I'm trying to get an SPI device working with codesys for the Raspberry PI, and I'm using the MPC3008 example as a template.

    I've just installed codesys, and then the codesys control for Raspberry PI package.

    However, when I open the example MCP3008Temperature.project, I get 14 error messages about missing libraries --

    They are not (obviously) in the PI libraries (I tried installing everything), and the library manager doesn't show anything
    for download missing libraries.

    Am I doing something wrong? Is the example broken?

    How do I get a working example so that I can understand and modify it?



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    • Ingo

      Ingo - 2020-04-10

      The project was created with a different version of the IDE with different
      installed devices. This is a common issue. The key actions are:

      • Update device (right click in the device tree)
      • Update missing libraries (in the library manager)
      • bcouture

        bcouture - 2020-04-10

        Update device did the trick.


      • bcouture

        bcouture - 2020-04-13

        A followup question -- when I was first looking through the MPC3008 example project, I was looking at the library source.

        Now, even if I open the un-updated project, I can't bring up the library source.
        How do I open it to examine it?


        • bcouture

          bcouture - 2020-04-13

          Nevermind. Of course I find it just after I ask the question...


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