Control RTE Runtime can't start...

  • JamesPeng-TW

    JamesPeng-TW - 2018-06-27

    Hi everybody~
    I'm used to working with Rockwell/ Siemens/ Mitsubishi and new to CoDeSys. Since we have considered to change to CoDeSys control system, we are trying to build a clean testing environment using existing hardware before we purchase the normal runtime license and hardware.

    Below is the Hardware and Operating system information:
    OS: Windows 7 Ultimate SP1 Build 7601, 64 Bit
    CPU: Intel Q9400 Core2 Quad @ 2.66 GHz
    Installed memory: 8GB
    Ethernet card: Intel 82567LM-3

    Installed CoDeSys package:
    1. CODESYS Control Win 64 V3.5SP12Patch4 Setup.exe
    2. Setup_CODESYSControlRTE64V3.5SP12Patch4.exe

    Since the ethernet chipset driver signature problem, we run win7 in testing mode(bcdedit /set testsigning on) currently.
    We could run control win x64 without any problem but when we change to run control rte(click start from system tray), it never starts normally.
    We have checked the rte manual and find out there are some key-values in system reg. missing(please check attached file "System_register.png").
    We also find out some value in control rte configuration was not correct like kernel version...etc(please check attached file "RTE_Configuration.png").
    I also attached control rte config file(please check attached file "CODESYSControl_cfg.png").

    I'm wondering if anybody could give me some comment or help to solve this issue and help the testing step forward.
    Thanks in advance.


    IMG: CODESYSControl_cfg.png

    IMG: RTE_Configuration.png

    IMG: System_register.png

  • JamesPeng-TW

    JamesPeng-TW - 2018-06-28

    Hi Edwin,

    Got it and thanks for the information.
    I would try it and update you.


  • JamesPeng-TW

    JamesPeng-TW - 2018-06-28

    Hi Edwin,

    It is working.....Thanks...
    BTW, is there any place we could find it out the issue and solution by ourself instead of bring up question in this forum?
    Or you guys want us to bring up all the issues here?


  • youdo

    youdo - 2020-06-29

    Hi Edwin,
    I encountered the same situation
    On the Windows 10 system
    Have any solution?


  • eschwellinger

    eschwellinger - 2020-06-30

    1. Core assignment is ok? (-> becdedit on CLI) for your system
    2. Hyper V disabled ( bcdedit - > bcdedit /set hypervisorlaunchtype off
    3. secure boot on Windows disabled

    Best Regards


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