BeagleBone Black Selfmade CAN Cape

  • Hummek1904

    Hummek1904 - 2016-12-13

    Hello together,
    I try to connect a Beaglebone Black with CANBus. So i build a Beaglebone Cape for CANBus (you see it in picture):

    After that, i followed the instruction of this link: ... ython.html until the CAN test part (because it doesnt work for me).

    And now the Problem: If i try to test the bus with "./cansend can0" nothing happens. So i have measure P9 Pin24 (UART1 TXD) againgst ground and the level still stay at 3,1 V (P.S. i measure with a PicoScope).

    Now the question is: what did i do wrong ? Or can there be an other mistake ?

    Thanks in advance.



    IMG: DIY Schematic.jpg

  • eschwellinger

    eschwellinger - 2016-12-13

    using other can capes you need to enable them by:

    'For using a CAN cape add following line to /boot/uEnv.txt:

    Maybe this helps or at least you know what to 'google' for.


  • Anerdgy

    Anerdgy - 2019-07-04

    Just if others find their way here.

    I used the same link

    Followed it all the way through for auto start etc and it works fine.

    for candump you may need to install can-utils ........ ```

    sudo apt-get install can-utils


    then cd /usr/bin

    then you can just run ```

    candump can1

    ``` NOTE it is can1 NOT can0 !!!!

    In codesys make sure to set the Canbus Network to 1 (Not 0) and the correct baudrate

    Then add Canopen Manager and then a device.

    And if the device is sending PDO's you'll be able to monitor this immediately.

    Hope this helps


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