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IO driver for BeagleBone Black SL

  • cagdassengel

    cagdassengel - 2022-09-23


    We were using Codesys Runtime Toolkit in our products. We had developed an io driver for Codesys Runtime Toolkit.

    I tried to include this io driver component for Beaglebone Black SL. I changed the CODESYSControl_User.cfg file under /etc. Then, I run ./codesyscontrol.bin /etc/CODESYSControl.cfg command under /opt/codesys/bin.

    In the runtime toolkit case, IoDrvReadInputs and IoDrvWriteOutputs functions are called periodically. You can find the print logs inside codesys_run_time_toolkit.txt.

    These functions are not called in Beaglebone Black SL case. In addition, we are getting gpio open errors. What can be wrong with BeagleBone Black SL? I can send you the io driver component if you want.

    Best Regards,


  • Ingo

    Ingo - 2022-09-23

    I don't know your driver. But the GPIO open error sounds suspicious.

    Otherwise I can say, that there is no real difference between a BBB and another runtime. When you registered your driver handle (IBase) in UpdateConfiguration correctly, and you used the channels in your project (check device->Task Deployment to be sure), your ReadInput/WriteOutput functions should be called.

  • cagdassengel

    cagdassengel - 2022-09-28

    Hi Ingo,

    The problem was related to device description file. I modified device description file and now ReadInput/WriteOutput functions are called.

    Best Regards,



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