Communication problem AENT1734-A

  • navi

    navi - 2019-06-05

    Currently have an Allen Bradley 1734-AENT (CIP Ethernet) Module, with 4 points of IO. In the first slot is two 1734-IB4 (4 point Input), and in the second slot is two 1734-OB8 (8 Point Output). The point IO is configured . I have downloaded Codesys to run on my Raspberry Pi 3 b+. The code runs on my PI, I have just a simple program the input aren't update

    the outputs haven't problem since I can force each of them without problem.

    Anybody else bumped into this problem yet and able to help?

    I'm using the newest releases of Codesyscontrol and Codesys Development system.

    prueba4_3.project [255.63 KiB]

  • dkugler

    dkugler - 2019-06-06

    Originally created by: D. Kugler

    the inputs are not updated, because you don't use it in any program. To update without any usage, you have to change the update mode in the EtherNet/IP I/O Mapping section to: Enabled 2 (always in bus cycle task)

    IMG: Buscyle.PNG

  • navi

    navi - 2019-06-07

    thanks D. Kugler for your answer.
    I have modified the file, changing the update mode in the EtherNet / IP I / O Mapping section to: Enabled 2 (always in bus cycle task).
    the entries, at first take a correct value, but then they are not updated.
    I add the new file.
    Any more idea than it could be?

    prueba4_3_vis.project [250.89 KiB]


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