Where is "CmpTemplate"?

  • Anonymous - 2018-07-04

    Originally created by: myemail for codesys

    the title is my question. My learning of codesys stopped here. Google cant help me for this. CodeSys internal help found nothing.

    Best regards

  • Anonymous - 2018-07-05

    Originally created by: myemail for codesys

    Still struggle on that
    It is better to add more details to remind others who should know the answer for me. I don't think that is difficult question.

    I was following the tutorial "Creating own Runtime System Components and I/O Drivers" document version 2.0.
    Now stop here and need the folder or files named "CmpTemplate".

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  • eschwellinger

    eschwellinger - 2018-07-06

    do you have bought a runtime toolkit?
    Think that you should have a contact person at CODESYS/3S Software to ask these kind of questions isn't it?

  • Anonymous - 2018-07-06

    Originally created by: myemail for codesys

    Hi, Edwin,
    No, until now I have not paid anything on software. Because I don't know which product I should buy.
    I am still trying to find a solution for my company. Currently our plan include BBB with a touch screen and a picoscope.
    I have not found a way to use API of pico in codesys. That is where I have encountered the missing template.

    I have download "CODESYS Control for BeagleBone SL" which cost 70€. Without payment it need to restart every 2 hours which is OK for now. Is that runtime toolkit? Do you mean I will only get the template files after full payment?



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