Dynamic Memory with Control RTE V3 64

  • jerry.sorrells

    jerry.sorrells - 2019-12-03

    We are converting a project from a 32-bit controller running Codesys to Control RTE V3 64 (version . The project uses dynamic memory allocation. When Application->Properties->Application build options->"Use dynamic memory allocation" is selected, the library CDS_MemMan (Codesys Memory Manager, is implicitly added to the Library Manager. After the library is added, building the application results in multiple errors for type conversions between DWORDs (32-bit) and POINTERs (64-bit) and all of the errors are associated with the CDS_MemMan library. When dynamic memory allocation is disabled, the errors go away, but of course we can no longer use dynamic memory in the application.

    IMG: Screen Shot 2019

  • eschwellinger

    eschwellinger - 2019-12-09


    hm Codesys Memory Manager, - hm this is preatty old, could you check if the project need to be updated
    I would expect to have this lib at least in
    ( so update projcet compiler/ visu profile and device descriptions to current version is maybe needed)


  • jerry.sorrells

    jerry.sorrells - 2019-12-10

    Hi, Edwin. Thank you for your reply. The only reason we're still at 3.5.9 is the DataServer. We plan to update and quit using the DataServer, but we're looking for an intermediary step. Do you happen to know the most updated version of Codesys that still supports the DataServer?

  • m.prestel

    m.prestel - 2019-12-11


    in SP10 the dataserver was replayed by the new data sources manager.
    Here is the release note

    With CODESYS Version V3.5 SP10 the DataServer will be replaced by the new Data Sources Manager. Projects with DataServer can be used furthermore when the compiler version and the visualization profile is not updated. When the compiler version and the visualization profile is updated to V3.5 SP10 then the DataServer must be converted to the new Data Sources Manager. A command is provided in the context menu when the DataServer is selected.

    Best regards,

  • jerry.sorrells

    jerry.sorrells - 2019-12-11

    Thank you, Marcel.


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