Control RTE download Profinet application failed

  • XianXianXian

    XianXianXian - 2019-11-25


    I have an application with CoDeSys RTE and I use an Ethernet adapter, PN Controller as profinet master to connect with my profinet slave.
    I can compile this application without error. But when I try to login / download this application to PLC, I get unknown error.

    EXCEPTION [GlobalInit] code: App=[Application], Exception=[UNKNOWN]
    SOURCEPOSITION App=[Application] area=3, offset=234025

    In the Details, it is written Code-Position: LMPM.FindAdapterByMAC. Library: profinet.

    Can someone please help me have a look, why I have this error? Thank you.
    More info please see attached screenshot, log and PLC config file.

    Windows 10
    CoDeSys RTE
    Network card : Realtek PCIe GbE Family; Driver: CmpRTL8169Mpd

    IMG: Profinet error.PNG

    Control RTE config.txt [1.78 KiB]

    Control RTE log.xml [68.82 KiB]

  • eschwellinger

    eschwellinger - 2019-11-25

    possible to check if the version works ok?
    You need to update RTE version CODESYS Developmentsystem and Project - needs to be updated to -> update device on the PN-Controler and PLC


  • XianXianXian

    XianXianXian - 2019-11-26

    Hi Edwin,

    thank you very much, it works.
    Now I can download the application.

    Best regards


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