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  • LooijmansR

    LooijmansR - 2020-01-10


    2 questions regarding alarms;

    1. When I export the alarms I get the following error:

    My export settings are:

    The export file is partly generated, see attached file "alarmstorage.txt". Please note especially fields "Message2" and "Latch variable 1", as they are specified differently in Codesys (see attached file "globalalarms.txt")

    The latch variable 1 is a string:

    What could be the cause of the generated error?

    1. How can I export the alarmstorage csv file programatically, either in Codesys or in a batch file (which can then be called by codesys).

    Thanks in advance!

    Kind regards,

    IMG: Knipsel.PNG

    IMG: Knipsel2.PNG

    IMG: Knipsel3.PNG

    globalalarms.txt [1.12 KiB]

    alarmstorage.txt [744 Bytes]

  • LooijmansR

    LooijmansR - 2020-01-17

    I assume I should make a bug report instead regarding the export alarm issue?

  • Thomas

    Thomas - 2020-01-27


    in your export you have the variable "PVL.strMachineName[1];;" == >> Is that intent? Or should it "GVL.str....."


  • LooijmansR

    LooijmansR - 2020-01-27


    Yes, this is intentional. The PVL is in my case short for "Persistent Variable List" (but also accessible as global variable).

    I suspect the latch does not support array strings, but the documentation is not entirely clear about this. The variable itself is a string.

    I'll go ahead and make a bug report instead soon.

    Kind regards,


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