marat-ab - 2016-02-29

We have some problem with Modbus RTU (in slave mode) on Raspberry Pi 2. We add Modbus_COM and Modbus_Serial_Device to our project. The project compiles without errors. When we start application in CODESYS in front of "Modbus_COM" and "Modbus_Serial_Device" instead green arrows is red triangle, in status page of this device in fields "PCI-Bus" and "Serial Port" you can see text: "No driver found" (see pic1.jpg from attach), and in log of Device we have two lines:
"Update configuration failed from driver IoDrvModbusTCPSlave"
"License for IoDrvModbusSerial not installed." (see pic2.jpg).
Same about error present in Codesyscontrol.log from /tmp dir on Raspberry PI:
1453883485: Cmp=OnlineLicenseManager, Class=4, Error=0, Info=0, pszInfo=* License for IoDrvModbusSerial not installed.
1453883485: Cmp=CmpIoMgr, Class=4, Error=1, Info=1, pszInfo=
* Update configuration failed from driver <iodriver>IoDrvModbusTCPSlave</iodriver>
We buy and activate license CODESYS Control for Raspberry Pi SL.
Why Modbus Rtu (in slave mode) is not work in our case?
Thank you!

We use prolific USB-Serial Controller.

IMG: pic2.jpg

IMG: pic1.jpg [88.9 KiB]