Licensing question

  • allen00se

    allen00se - 2016-10-07

    I just bought a license and didn't realize I needed a security key... will any USB dongle work, or do I have to buy the one from CodeSys? Also, does the key go into my computer, or does it go into the RaspberryPI?

  • eschwellinger

    eschwellinger - 2016-10-07

    you have the choice, either activate the ticket as 'softlicense' then you will not need this runtime key.
    ( ... mpakt.html)
    Using the runtime license key is optional - if you need a portable license (the PI which has the key plugged is licensed)
    then USB Runtime Key is a good option.
    See the how to license FAQ:
    l viewtopic.php?f=22&t=5641&p=10688#p10688 l
    and do not Forget to generate your backup license after activation.


  • kumareasu

    kumareasu - 2017-07-05

    Dear Edwin,
    Which licensing(Soft license or compact key-USB dongle) will be better to port the license from one system to another?

    In case of hardware failure or some some other reason, if I would like to carry the license from one system to another(for example BeagleBone Black).
    Kumar Eswaran

  • acter

    acter - 2017-08-19

    Hi guys....

    Is there any possibility to transfer licence from RPi2 to RPi3 ?

  • Bereggergo

    Bereggergo - 2018-04-19

    Hello people,

    How can I activate Modbus TCP license for my device?

    I have a device where I'm using Modbus TCP communication but it shown in the Codesys with orange: it is a demo version if I'm right.

    In case I want to activate should I by the one from the store called as CODESYS Modbus TCP Master SL and I attached as picture?
    After what I will get? A 3S.dat file? There is one already on the device I guess I shouldn't overwrite that, or? Finally if I go to the PLC Settings and Edit Licenses I got an error message, attached as picture. Or I should write that file to a pendrive?

    Thank you,

    IMG: Modbus4.PNG

    IMG: Modbus3.PNG

    IMG: Modbus2.PNG

    IMG: Modbus1.PNG

  • eschwellinger

    eschwellinger - 2018-04-21

    which plc are you using?
    Manufacturer need to support 'single licenseing' mean a codemeter component should be build in.
    Then a runtime USB Key could be used for the license.
    I would recommend to ask the plc manufacturer for his advice.


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