CAN CL2 Using Callbacks

  • Claudio-Baldo

    Claudio-Baldo - 2019-09-04

    Hello everyone,
    I am trying to implement a CAN layer 2 FB for a Cross Control Pilot VI where the manufacturer at this stage is providing the normal CANopen interface.
    Did follow the example from Codesys CANbusAPIExample but it seems that this require to periodically call the method CL2.Read().
    So, even if the timer is set to 5ms but the program which implements this call is run every 20ms, this will create a min latency of 20ms on the CAN bus.
    My question is if there is any way to use interrupt or call back so to run a message processor everytime a specific CAN ID is received.
    Thank you to everyone able to help.

  • Claudio-Baldo

    Claudio-Baldo - 2019-11-19

    Do I need to reformulate the question??
    Anybody able to assist on this??


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