Reading Profinet I&M data in Codesys Profinet Master

  • mgharat

    mgharat - 2020-11-27


    we have integrated & communicated P&F IO Link Gateway ( Profinet IO device ) over Codesys runtime system ( attached image). Which shows cyclic data from P&F IO Link Sensor connected to the gateway as below. Now we want to read I&M ( Identification & Maintenance) data from a sensor connected to Profinet IO device gateway, how this is possible ? Can you please guide? Where & How I can read this data//?which function block to be used ?please help me if any programming needed/

    PLease let me know if additional info needed to support

    Thanks in advance


  • Morberis

    Morberis - 2020-11-30

    Hmm well that link is to profibus, in case you didn't mean to link there.

    First I apologize, I only have a little experience with Profinet and IO Link.

    My first question, do you have the correct GSD file imported to Codesys and have you or can you update the IODD file on the IO Link Gateway?

    Pepperl+Fuchs might have some good advice and help for you if you haven't contacted them yet. The should be able to tell you how to setup the gateway to read the I&M data and then in what PN registers to look for it.


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  • mgharat

    mgharat - 2020-12-01

    Thanks .
    we are working on Profinet

    Yes, talking with P&F also. They have shared Function Block/library for Siemens TIA portal software, attached you ll find the same.
    Now we have to do the same in Codesys software.
    We are able to read full Profinet diagnostic data , but our requirement is to read specific information like vendor ID, vendor name, product ID etc from IO link Sensor.

    can you check this ?


  • Morberis

    Morberis - 2020-12-01

    Unfortunately I don't have TIA Portal.

    There is a commercial product that might help you though you'll need to test its converted code.

    PLC Converter
    Itris Homepage


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