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Webbrowserelement with HTTPS?

6 days ago
5 days ago
  • faolan

    faolan - 6 days ago

    I´m trying to draw a visualization with a Webbrowser-Element. In the documentation I can read only HTTP. It´s working with HTTP well, but I need HTTPS for safety connection. Anybody have experiences with?
    Thx for ideas

  • m.prestel

    m.prestel - 6 days ago

    HTTPS should work just as fine.

    • Ingo

      Ingo - 6 days ago

      I agree with m.prestel. As you didn't write with which PLC you tried it, I
      would recommend to test it with the Control Win Soft PLC under windows.
      This way you can prove, that you did everything right in your project.

      If it doesn't work on the target, it would be interesting, which target
      that is.


  • i-campbell

    i-campbell - 5 days ago

    for https connections in some other codesys libraries, you need to run from PLC Shell:

    then wait for a "successful" log message in the logger.

  • faolan

    faolan - 5 days ago

    Good morning,

    many thanks for your support. I´ve found the reason. Problem was the browser securitylevel on the touchpanel. I´ve switch it to low and https work.
    Have a nice week


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