Using Visu to open a pdf reader

  • MidwestFAE

    MidwestFAE - 2016-06-02

    Good afternoon,

    We have a PLC/HMI product that will run a shareware pdf reader called FoxIt. Does anyone know if there is a way to use a button in Visu that will open this reader, maybe to a specified document?

  • eschwellinger

    eschwellinger - 2016-06-04

    in which Visu type do you want to see this pdf viewer?
    Internal Visu CODESYS , TargetVisu on the plc, Webvisu in the Browser ?


  • MidwestFAE

    MidwestFAE - 2016-06-16

    Good afternoon Edwin,

    My apologies, I got away from this project for a while.

    I am using the TargetVisu on the PLC.

    I almost have it working - I can activate the PDF viewer. My only issue is that I can only specify a document to open that is in the same folder as the pdf viewer.

    Is there a way, with the 2nd parameter when you activate a file, to specify a file path to the document to be opened?? I have attached a picture below.

    Thank you!

    IMG: Execute Program.jpg

  • galexis

    galexis - 2020-01-14

    Could you explain how you to open PDF on browser ? Which program you use to do this ?
    Thank you very much.

  • galexis

    galexis - 2020-01-15

    Pdf are store on sd card of raspberry, not with url....

  • m.prestel

    m.prestel - 2020-01-15

    galexis how is the browser supposed to download the file and view it, if it is not available for the client to get it?

    E.g. you have a pdf called "manual.pdf".
    Put the pdf file into your $PlcLogic$/$visu$ folder.
    You should then be able to download the file using http://localhost:8080/manual.pdf (or include it into your website as I-Campbell described two posts ago).

    Best regards,

  • galexis

    galexis - 2020-01-15

    it work with:
    - Put the pdf file into your: $PlcLogic$/$visu$ folder.
    - Add button with internal command navigate to : 'http://ip_of_plc:8080/your_PDF.pdf '

  • dmitryy

    dmitryy - 2020-05-29

    Is it possible to link to a file that is stored on SD card ?

    I have found out: The URL should be 'http://ip_of_plc/$$sdcard$$/your_PDF.pdf'
    $$ because first $ works as escape character


    Last edit: dmitryy 2020-05-29

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