Binary value is not displayed

  • Studiologe

    Studiologe - 2018-08-30

    Hi guys,
    I'm new to CodeSys and I'm trying to display the content of a variable as binary in my text field. So I have an INT with 37 decimal value in it
    and I want it to be displayed as 100101 instead of 37.

    In the help of Codesys I found the placeholder %b and swiftly tried it out, but to no avail. I have attached a couple of screenshots. ... n=

    Maybe someone can quickly point me into the right direction.

    Thank you

    IMG: Capture.PNG

    IMG: online decimal.PNG

  • johnlee

    johnlee - 2018-09-02

    Hi Studiologe,

    Please advice which version of codesys you are using?

    I'm using the version 3.5 sp13 it display correctly the binary value.

    Thank you
    John Lee


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