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Table line breaks

  • yannickasselin - 2022-10-27


    Is there a way to achieve line breaks in tables?

    For exemple, I want to override the column header text and in the field "Column Header" ctrl + enter does not work to break lines.

    I also tried using a rectangle template but the text entered in it does not show up.

    Any Ideas?

  • rickj - 2022-11-14

    In the properties box goto TextProperties=>Format and select Line-Break for the cell. Then youn should be able to do ctrl-enter to get multiple lines.

  • yannickasselin - 2022-11-16

    Cannot find it in the text propreties of the table element. Could you show exactly where it is?
    Are you using a template or not?

  • rickj - 2022-11-17

    Each column has its own properties. You may need to check the "Use Template" box to enable full property edits.


    Last edit: rickj 2022-11-17
  • yannickasselin - 2022-11-17

    Ok, I see you are doing this in a Rectangle element. I am trying to do this in a Table element. This option is not there in the Table.

    Maybe it is possible to do it using a Rectangle template inside a Table but when I tried, it would not show the text at all.

  • rickj - 2022-11-19

  • yannickasselin - 2022-11-22

    This kind of works... But then, the template is applied to the whole column. So you don't get the different colored rows anymore.

    I think I will just uncheck "Show Column Header" and just manually write it myself on top of each column. Unless there is a better way.


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