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stucked visualization

  • mirki77

    mirki77 - 2021-06-14

    Hello, I have Codesys HMI visualization on PC with license. There are 13 datasources from remote plcs. It is connected over wireguard. I also program it remotely over wireguard net.
    I have problem with visualization that it stuck once or twice a day. Visualization don´t draw all pictures and isn´t possible click on buttons. Also when I want connect over Codesys firstly I see device on network, but when I try to connent, isn´t possible and device than hides from network. When I manually close application over VNC and start again, it run good again, but connecting from Codesys is only possible when I restart HMI PC.
    How can I find a problem? Is there on PC any logs with problem report? Application LOG in Codesys is cleared by restart.

  • m.prestel

    m.prestel - 2021-06-30

    The HMI should write a log file.
    If not, you can enable file logging in your CODESYSHMI.cfg in the section "CmpLog"
    Just remove all ";" and you should be good (just need Logger0)

    Best regards,


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