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Focus jump to the element and VisuDialogs.Keypad

  • alexey

    alexey - 2021-01-14

    I am using IFM CR1058 display which has build-in keyboard and has NO touchscreen. I am using standard keyboard handling.

    Codesys manual says, that if I operate keyboard arrows (UP, DOWN, LEFT, RIGHT) the focus jumps to the element that is in the direction as indicated by the arrow. And if I press INPUT (ENTER) the visualization detects INPUT at the focused element and triggers the input action.

    This all works fine, except for the fact that if I trigger user action to call VisuDialogs.Keypad and keep pressing arrows, I can't visually understand which element inside VisuDialogs.Keypad is currently focused. The individual button of VisuDialogs.Keypad changes its colour ONLY after I trigger input action, but I really can't understand on which element I am currently focused on BEFORE I trigger input action. This has no problem if I has touch screen or full-size keyboard, but the keyboard on the IFM CR1058 display has only 5 keys (UP, DOWN, LEFT, RIGHT and INPUT).

    Is there any way to visually indicate currently focused key on VisuDialogs.Keypad BEFORE I press input key?

    Any method will do the job - colour change, moving frame around focused key, different shape of the key, etc. I need to visually show end-user that focus is actually moving across VisuDialogs.Keypad buttons BEFORE he triggers the input action.


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  • TPTSys

    TPTSys - 2021-03-22


    I realize this may be a little too late, but it isn't way too hard to make custom keypads. Find the dialog library on your computer (do a search for .lib in your codesys directory). open it up with codesys, grab the keyboard visualization and drag it into your project. now you can see how it works, and modify it as you need. There is a color change option on the buttons that you can link the selection to. If it isn't obvious which item is selected, i'm pretty certain the mobile team at IFM can point you in the right direction.

    If you still need help with this let me know. I've worked with IFM screens for almost 15 years and know everyone there very well. Also, I just got done building a multi-layout Qwerty, Qwertz, Azerty with multi language support today.


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