h-hermsen - 2020-10-31

Hi there!

We have been working hard on an open source SparkplugB library and we are delighted to present to you V1.0.0.0.
Check it out, Click here

What does it do?

With use of our library you can turn your CODESYS controller into a Sparkplug Edge of Network Node (EoN).
So far we have implemented only sending data from CODESYS to the SCADA, so you cannot receive data from the SCADA. However, this feature will be forthcoming.

What do I need?

The Sparkplug library is MIT licensed and open sourced, but to run for more than 30 minutes you will need to purchase the IIoT Libraries SL from the codesys store, as we currently make use of the MQTT Client SL library. The reason we chose to use this library as we want Sparkplug to "just work".

Because the library is open source, you can swap this out client and bring your own client if you wish. Offcourse, if you contact us, we are more then happy to offer help and/or assistance with the integration of such an MQTT library.

Be aware that the MQTT solution you bring is stable, as our solution is heavily dependent of it.

Getting started

At the project homepage you can find some usage guides on several topics;

  • A step by step setting up a third party MQTT Server,
  • A third party Sparkplug IIoT Host Node,
  • Connecting our example project.
  • How to integrate our library to an existing project

What's next?

We are immediately working towards V2.0.0.0 which will be more feature rich.

Any feedback is welcomed.

There is plenty of room for your improvement suggestions and bug reports, either by replying here, contacting us directly or creating a ticket.

The ticket system also shows our future plans.

Warm regards and we hope to hear from you all!


PS Also check our free and open source unit testing framework!
CfUnit v1.1.0.0


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