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Update on SparkplugB

  • h-hermsen

    h-hermsen - 2021-02-28

    Hi fellow forgers!

    We proudly present a first public preview of our SparkplugB Based Primary Host.

    A Sparkplug PrimaryHost is the beating heart of the SparkplugB IoT architecture and acts as a central data concentrator hub for all Edges and Devices within the network. Until now, a Primary Host ran exclusively on a PC as a service or executable. Installation of such a machine is not too difficult. However, setup and configuring can be quite a task if you never have used the software before.

    Our Primary Host however, can run on any sufficient PLC or PC based CODESYS controller.

    Since our library is written in 100% IEC code, it is by design portable with any compatible third party CODESYS based controller (WAGO, Schneider ABB etc etc). Plus, setup of our CODESYS based Primary Host node takes only minimal effort as demonstrated in the example.

    The new public PREVIEW is downloadable from here in the section downloads;

    With kind regards, the SparkplugB project team.


    Last edit: h-hermsen 2021-06-08
  • h-hermsen

    h-hermsen - 2021-05-11



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