Visu File Transfer Example:

  • jbarrio - 2020-11-24

    Hello, I tried to test the example for file transfer with a raspberry pi runtime, and it gives me error 7, it is not possible to do this from raspberry to download files from the device from the visualization?

    Talk Topic about project #codesys-example/visu-file-trans

  • eschwellinger

    eschwellinger - 2021-12-06

    which runtime version?
    did you enable the file transfer in the plc config file?

  • paro - 2021-12-07

    runtime version

    Which config file is it exactly and what do I have to activate there?

    Many thanks!

  • eschwellinger

    eschwellinger - 2021-12-07

    add in /etc/CODESYSControl_User.cfg



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  • paro - 2021-12-07

    Thanks a lot! Works!


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