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7 days ago
  • princessdvlk

    princessdvlk - 2022-06-17

    hello all,
    i am using raspberry pi based plc and Codesys version is v3.5 patch 3 sp 17. i want to use user management for visualization change. i created admin, service and operator passwords under the tag visualization manager > user management. then i ceeated an input which has the access rights assigned accordingly. then in the properties menu of the visualization, i selected the access control option. but here is the issue. i cant grant the permission because it asks me some username and password under the topic 'owner'. can anyone help me with this? i am attaching the snapshot for an idea.

  • timvh

    timvh - 7 days ago

    These properties have nothing to do with the Visualization access, but with the general access to objects in your development environment. So you could use that when some developers or service engineers want to get limited access to objects in the source code of your application.

    What you need to do is grand the specific access to ojects in your visualization in the properties of the visu object. Once you have enabled the user management (which you already did), you can see this property at the bottom of the list of the visu object properties. E.g. you can set the access to the button to read only or invisible for various user groups.



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