h-hermsen - 2020-10-10

Hi there!

You are cordially invited to download the latest stable version of the
"CfUnit Release v1.1.0.0" https://forge.codesys.com/prj/cfunit/landing/Home/

So, whats new in CfUnit v1.1.0.0?

  • Improved performance and log responsiveness,
  • Writing tests now takes less effort through yet smaller burner plate code.
  • Added new assertion methods, among WSTRING support for IIoT targeted software (UTF8/UTF16 encoded strings)
  • Improved feedback from assertion failures (actual value, expected value, message)
  • Integrates with most common CI/CD frameworks easily through generated xUnit test report XML files
  • 100% backward compatible, no need to rewrite tests which are developed with V1.0.0.0 (please do phase out deprecated functions)

Your CfUnit Team:
@hermsen, @ingo, @i-campbell, @aliazzz

PS please also visit our latest creation in progress:


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