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  • bernie-bbq - 2021-07-25

    Hi, The Modbus feature in Codesys regards incoming variables as 'WORD' types. My RS485 kWhr meter sends data via two 16 bit REAL numbers which form the 'Hi Byte' & 'Low Byte' of the transmitted value. (Definitely overkill for my application.) I can read the separately received WORDS in Codesys but clearly they are unusable in that format. Can someone show me the way to convert these back to a single REAL variable? Thanks in anticipation,

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  • sgronchi - 2021-07-25

    That's possible, but it involves some ugly hardware-dependent trickery.

    Can you share the platform the Codesys runtime is running on? Both OS and processor.

  • h-hermsen

    h-hermsen - 2021-07-25

    A REAL is 32 bits wide, google for IEE754

    There are many tricks to shuffle 4 bytes into a REAL. Try reading up on a UNION in which you can declare a REAL, 2 WORDS and 4 BYTE's to occupy the same memory space.

    good luck


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