h-hermsen - 2020-12-18

Hi Forgers!

We have been working hard on an open source SparkplugB library and we are delighted to bring you a very important progress-update about SparkPlugB, a super flexible, ultra lightweight and secure IIoT protocol!


So, what's new?

  • During runtime plugging and/or unplugging of arbitrary number of devices into the EoN (on the fly)

  • Writing of data to EoN or Device from the Primary SCADA node (bidirectional communication)

Getting started

At the project homepage you can find some usage guides on several topics;

  • A step by step setting up a third party MQTT Server,
  • A third party Sparkplug IIoT Host Node,
  • Connecting our example project.
  • How to integrate our library to an existing project


What's next?

We are steadily and surely working towards a release of V2.0.0.0 which will be even more feature rich.

There is plenty of room for your improvement suggestions and bug reports, either by replying here, contacting us directly or creating a ticket. The ticket system also shows our future plans.

Warm regards and we hope to hear from you, as we seek to engage you, fellow Forgers!

H-Hermsen & I-Campbell

PS Also check our free and open source unit testing framework!
CfUnit v1.1.0.0