Announcement - CfUnit latest R.C. for public release consideration

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    aliazzz - 2020-05-27

    Currently serving RC5.1


    You are cordially invited to test drive the latest version of the
    "CfUnit Release Candidate 5.1".

    With your help, we can let the software get mature faster and limit the amount of bug fixes needed after the official public release. We bring the pain forward so we can enjoy the gain sooner.

    We highly encourage you to use an RC and if you stumble upon something unexpected, please share your findings so we may improve the software faster.

    Currently serving RC5.1
    Improved stability and wider brand-agnostic compatibility.

    So, whats new in CfUnit v1.1.0.0
    * Improved performance gain and log responsiveness,
    * Writing new tests takes even less effort then before as a result of yet smaller burner plate code.
    * Added new assertion methods, among WSTRING support for IIoT targeted software (UTF8/UTF16 encoded strings)
    * Improved feedback from assertion failures (where, why),
    * Integrates with most common CI/CD frameworks easily through generated xUnit test report XML files.
    * 100% backward compatible, no need to rewrite tests which are developed with V1.0.0.0 (although we encourage you to phase out deprecated functions).
    * Numerous bug fixes and improvements

    Please read the following information before test driving:

    If you wish to contribute, please read the following guideline:

    The CfUnit Team

    PS We currently test drive CfUnit in our latest software project: SparkplugB


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