profgriesbauer - 2021-10-05

Waht? Machine learning is an interesting topic for mechanical engineers, but is often difficult to tackle due to a lack of infrastructure and necessary hardware. This library was built to offer the basic software components required for machine learning in artificial neural networks (as used by Google, etc.) directly in IEC. So using this library one can use methods of machine learning on any SPS or controller programmable with CODESYS without the need for additional hardware.

Who? Regardless of the fact that this library can be easily integrated into IEC on any controller, it still requires a basic understanding of machine learning. A book introducing to this topic in a basic and efficient manner is "Make Your Own Neural Network" by Tariq Rashid.

How? For more efficient use, some FB blocks that reflect possible applications are prepared in the library. In addition, a simpler and a more complex example are implemented and offered along with the library.

Why? The library is open source and can be changed or extended, whereas there is no guaranteed functionality or testing.

Important: The library uses "Dynamic Memory". This option must be activated in the properties of the application:

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