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[1103e9] by i-campbell i-campbell , pushed by Ian Campbell Ian Campbell

[#154] V1.4.2.58 FB_Payload, Pool Management: Used FB_PayloadColumns are not reused

There were two pools for columns. reduced this to one and updated all references to it. Problem solved.

Also put the FB_Payload encode/decode methods into folders

2022-01-24 09:34:09 Tree
[a2c721] by hermsen hermsen

Refactored / STWeeped various functions.
STWeeped Global Constants, Variables and ProtoBufId
Moved some interfaces to interfaces folder
Excluded FB_MetricFileTransfer until ticket will be picked up.

2021-12-12 11:31:57 Tree
[d0f23c] by hermsen hermsen

Various bugfixes in FB_WStringBuilder

2021-12-07 20:59:30 Tree
[47ad43] by hermsen hermsen

Synced metrictemplate

2021-11-29 21:10:26 Tree
[4bc5a3] by hermsen hermsen

Edge and Devce now support Alias xCMD, see ticket [#104]
Tested with Ignition
Fixed warnings for implicit typecasting

2021-11-10 21:25:55 Tree
[775637] by hermsen hermsen

Stack v1.4.2.50 bumped version number

2021-11-05 14:45:24 Tree
[5b2544] by hermsen hermsen


Expanded Alias publishing mechanism: Aliases are announced during xBIRTH
and refered to while sending xDATA. Aliases mechanism is enabled per default.

Todo Edge:
Nodecommand should accept also aliases

Todo Host:
Alias from birth
Alias xDATA
Alias xCMD

2021-11-05 14:25:06 Tree
[4894e0] by hermsen hermsen

Moved IMessageSource Interface to Edge Library

2021-10-31 21:42:02 Tree
[01b1e7] by hermsen hermsen

Expanded IMetric with Alias Property
Version stays

2021-10-31 20:22:09 Tree
[6959df] by hermsen hermsen

Added Hidden Property Alias to FB_Metric,
Added Alias Property getter and setter

2021-10-31 19:57:58 Tree
[e04c25] by i-campbell i-campbell

[#112] Read Only Metrics
FB_Metric now has a member Access, which can be ReadOnly or ReadWrite (default)

2021-10-31 14:39:46 Tree
[4a7c7a] by i-campbell i-campbell

v1.4.2.31 Enables Metric.Property publishing by Edges and Devices

2021-10-29 19:40:14 Tree
[451759] by i-campbell i-campbell

[#90] Properties
Edge and Device can now xBIRTH Properties and update those properties with xDATA
Properties cannot (yet) be updated by an xCMD
Host does not (yet) recognise Properties

2021-10-29 19:19:38 Tree
[19d7b0] by hermsen hermsen


Revised FB_WStringBuilder to support large buffers, i.e. >= 255 Unicode charcters.
see also ticket [#144]

2021-10-29 19:04:58 Tree
[e6ed67] by hermsen hermsen

Fixed function ReturnFileName
upped library version to v1.4.2.28

2021-10-23 22:22:52 Tree
[676eec] by hermsen hermsen

Fixed Default Placeholder behaviour in Library Manager

2021-10-22 16:47:47 Tree
[9aeb0e] by hermsen hermsen

Refactored CmpStackLog component
Updated library version

2021-10-22 15:50:50 Tree
[05c8a5] by hermsen hermsen

Deleted stuff which has been moved to SPHost allready.

TODO -> Fix the recursive dependency in FB_Metric for ItfPrimaryHost!

2021-10-18 19:47:38 Tree
[1c74c9] by i-campbell i-campbell

[#99] Separation of the library into multiple libraries - host

2021-10-17 14:27:11 Tree
[9255d3] by hermsen hermsen

Huge amount of changes
added reference to coList: LinkedList
fixed namesapces accordingly
renamed to: co⚡e stack
stweeped the entire codebase :-|

2021-10-16 21:56:57 Tree
[05c878] by hermsen hermsen

CmpStackLog as per ticket [r99]

2021-10-14 20:36:30 Tree
[9a5d66] by hermsen hermsen

v1.4.2.25 -> Commencing Split of library into three libraries
See ticket [#99]

2021-10-13 20:18:44 Tree
[25a181] by hermsen hermsen

Contains all changes up until svn commit [r927] co⚡e - Sparkplug™ MQTT edge and host

2021-10-07 21:27:44 Tree
[333d67] by hermsen hermsen

r916 [#144] continue work towards FB_WStringBullder larger string size Append, Delete, Find, InsertAt have been modified Now working towards...

2021-10-02 20:33:34 Tree
[c14a25] by hermsen hermsen

Commit of co⚡e: Sparkplug™ MQTT edge and host svn trunk [r912] v1.4.2.19

2021-10-01 22:15:03 Tree