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[r378] by aliazzz

Fixed Ticket 42/37

FB_TestResults, replaced;
57 IF StoringTestSuiteResultNumber = GVL_CfUnit.NumberOfInitializedTestSuites AND
58 GVL_CfUnit.TestSuiteAddresses[StoringTestSuiteResultNumber]^.AreAllTestsFinished() AND NOT
59 StoredGeneralTestResults THEN

( If all test suites have finished storing their results, store the general test results )
57 IF StoredTestSuiteResults AND NOT StoredGeneralTestResults THEN

Which resolves the incorrect testnumbers in the results report

2020-05-23 11:09:41 Tree
[r366] by aliazzz

CfUnit v1.0.9.9 RC1

2020-05-01 14:58:59 Tree
[r324] by aliazzz
2020-01-03 19:33:09 Tree
[r323] by aliazzz
2020-01-03 18:42:05 Tree
[r322] by aliazzz
2020-01-03 18:20:36 Tree
[r314] by aliazzz

Various changes to core components

2020-01-02 21:19:41 Tree
[r308] by aliazzz

99% version of Export files in Xml Format

2019-12-30 14:08:26 Tree
[r304] by aliazzz

Latest Code of TcUnit integrated, now prepare XmlWriter integration

2019-12-29 20:13:23 Tree
[r298] by aliazzz

V1.1.0.0 XML Skeleton is now valid, just put in the contents!

2019-12-28 14:02:40 Tree
[r296] by aliazzz

upgraded project to v1.1.0.0 without integration of the xmlwriter

2019-12-27 17:40:03 Tree
[r295] by aliazzz

intermediate working copy v1.1.0.0
contains bugs!

2019-12-27 15:15:05 Tree
[r278] by aliazzz

FB_XmlFileFormatter: TODO Debug/build xmlfile further

2019-12-15 15:13:49 Tree
[r275] by aliazzz

Modified CfUnitRunner to accomodate XmlFileFormatter
XmlFile for external CI/CD system beta ready

2019-12-15 01:04:44 Tree
[r274] by aliazzz

v1.1.0.1 Modified CfUnitRunner to accomodate for the new introduced XmlFileFormatter

2019-12-14 23:12:22 Tree
[r170] by aliazzz

v1.0.0.0 first commit

2019-08-31 13:04:33 Tree
[r152] by aliazzz

CfUnitVerifier result;

| ======================================
| Failed tests : 92</Entry>
| Successful tests: 91</Entry>
| Tests: 183</Entry>
| Test suites: 14</Entry>
| ==========TESTS FINISHED RUNNING==========

Added several new features/improvements;
* autodetect and skip an empty testsuite,
* AssertArray2dEquals_REAL(),
* AssertArray2dEquals_LREAL(),
* AssertArray3dEquals_REAL(),
* AssertArray3dEquals_LREAL(),
* Removed I_XmlControl and I_FileControl interfaces,
* FB_XmlControl,
* Renamed all FB_XmlControl methods
* FB_FileControl,
* FB_StringBuffer
* E_XmlError,
* Renamed External support into CODESYS Support

2019-08-06 18:43:46 Tree
[r137] by aliazzz

Commit of v0.9.1.0;
optimization and clean-up of code (removal of various interfaces and enums)
set to released state

2019-07-21 15:36:11 Tree
[r78] by aliazzz

Commit of CfUnit v0.9.0.0

Better/more easy to use API for CfUnit according to issue #29 "Reduce boilerplate code required for writing tests" and issue #26 "Boilerplate reduction and using a TEST_FINISHED method".

Also solved multiple issues:

Issue #27 "Multiple assert instances in one test suite causes issues"
Issue #25 "implicit typecasting throws errors + solution"
Issue #23 "Usage of FB_ADSAssertMessageFormatter.LogAssertFailure should warn"
Issue #21 "Remove unused code"
Issue #19 "Rename GVL_Constants"

2019-06-15 21:40:22 Tree
[r37] by aliazzz

sphinx preparation

2019-05-16 20:45:39 Tree
[r12] by aliazzz

9-5-2019 | project v0.0.0.5

2019-05-09 20:28:51 Tree